Tate Modern – What a Fabulous Place For a Blogger Photo Shoot in London

Today was a great day.

After two stormy weekeds in the row, sun finally came out. If you live in London, you know, how unrealiable can the weather be. You plan a nice photo walk and once you go out, your umbrella gets blown away by the wind.

On these occasions, I’m so happy that there are many incredible indoor places in London. Many of them are also free. I still have to write a post about my favourite museums in London (I have to write a lot of posts these days).

Tate Modern

Tate Modern – what a gem in the city centre of London

If you haven’t heard of Tate Modern before, it’s one of the free museums in London that is entirely dedicated to Modern Art. There are, however, paid excibitions and you can always see what’s on on their official website.

Tate Modern is based in the former Bankside Power Station – a huge electicity generator that was closed in 1981. Tate Modern moved in in 2000. The power station was refurbished, however, it’s still very mimimalistic and industrial inside.

What can you find inside Tate Modern?

As I mentioned before, Tate Modern has free and paid excibitions. The paid excibitions are always temporary, so make sure to check from time to time, what is there currently at Tate Modern.

The free excibition is very unique and interesting. If you like Modern Art, you’ll be thrilled, as Tate Modern is the best place to see Modern Art in London.

Tate Modern - What A Great Place For A Blogger Photo Shoot in London

Why is Tate Modern great for a blogger photo shoot in London?

Tate Modern has a unique industrial look and it’s a great spot for a blogger photo shoot in London. Make sure to respect other visitors and the signs, as in some areas, it’s prohibited to take photos.

My favourite place inside Tate Modern was the entrance on the ground floor – next to the stairs.

When we walked a bit deeper into the gallery, we saw other amazing spots.

Now I think that I would definitely return to Tate Modern many times.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. How about the stunning rooftop terrace on the 10th floor?

Tate Modern Rooftop Terrace

Enough reasons to visit Tate Modern?

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