Summary of October 2019: First My month blogging full-time

Hi there. Welcome to the summary of October 2019 – my first month blogging full-time. I’ll talk about money as well – how much did I make in October as a full-time travel blogger.

When I started this blog, I wanted to post a recap every single week. But then I realised that is not possible because, at the same time, I also want to grow Tripsget. And Tripsget is my number one priority. That is why I’m taking a career break. I just want to grow Tripsget a lot and in my dreams, I want to reach 100,000 monthly page views, but realistically, I can maybe aim at 60 or 70,000?

I started the Millennial diary to be my diary and personal blog. I also started to help me understand what I want to do in my life and what my next step should be.

I’m still wondering, whether I should start another YouTube channel. I really want to, but it seems like it’s just too much work. I feel like I’m going to start it and then I’m going to abandon it after three videos. I have so many video ideas, but they aren’t a great fit for Tripsget.

My first month blogging full-time as a travel blogger

So here is my October recap:

  • I started this blog and I was not consistent with posting. However, I wrote at least three blog posts, which is okay. Given how busy I am now. ⭐️
  • I quit my job – it’s certainly for the best! If you hear of the company called Leavy in London – stay away from them and run away as fast as you can. ❌
  • I messaged about 70 PR agencies in London – and I got two meeting invites and one trip planned. ⭐️
  • I reached out to 10 hotels in Sri Lanka – no approvals. That made me a bit frustrated and disheartened. ❌
  • I decided that I need to write about 60 new blog posts for Tripsget. ⭐️
  • I don’t think I’m on track with all the 60 blog posts, but it’s going well and I think that at least, I was able to publish a blog post every other day. ⭐️
  • I went to my hometown twice. ⭐️
  • I met with all of my friends who I haven’t seen since March this year and it was amazing. ⭐️
  • Now I feel that I really want to buy a flat in London. ⭐️
  • My husband realised that he’s not a fan of his job anymore, which is quite sad because he was always a person, who was very happy in his job and what he’s doing and now he’s feeling a bit depressed. I think he wants to achieve a lot of milestones he wants to work for a super prestigious company, but, honestly, It’s just hard to work for Google or Facebook. ❌
  • I managed to go to the gym quite a lot and I even lost 2.5 kg. ⭐️
  • However, on my latest trip to my hometown, my parents were feeding me a lot, so I think I’ve gained more than 2 kg. So I’m back to square one. ❌
  • Money-wise, I’m still okay. I got my last salary (partial) and I made whopping £500 from affiliate commission of hotels (my highest ever). Mediavine was good and sent me around £500 as well.
My first month blogging full-time as a travel blogger

Every single time I make even the tiniest break from the gym it’s so hard for me to come back to my routine like now, for example, I haven’t visited the gym for one week and two days and I have no desire to go to the gym today. But I have to. So I will make myself go to the gym.

Okay, so it was October recap – my first month blogging full-time. Let’s see how November goes and what wonders, surprises and events it will bring me.