My Millennial Diary – Cheers to the New Beginnings

Hi there, it’s Liza here (pronounced as Lisa, not Lai-za). This is my first post on my Millennial Diary. It feels strange. Somehow I find it hard to start writing. It doesn’t come naturally, but I hope that it will get easier in the future. I think I will keep doing the same as I always did – some brilliant idea comes to my mind, and I immediately abandon everything I’ve been doing and start elaborating on this idea until I get tired. Or bored. That’s how I have over 100 drafts of my future blog posts with 3-30 sentences on each one of them #storyofmylife.

I actually have another blog – Tripsget Blog.

I’ve been writing there for almost 4 years now (as of October 2019). Why not keep writing there?
Oh, I will. But Tripsget Blog is just about travelling, food and occasional expat life issues. I realised that so many people read it every day and come there for travel advice that I don’t want to suddenly start posting things about my feelings, achievements, flops and fuck-ups. Tripsget is definitely not my diary, it’s an established travel blog, where I act as an experienced traveller that has been to 80+ countries (that’s actually 100% true, I’m obsessed with the idea of visiting 100 countries before 30).

My Millennial Diary London

I have a strict template that I follow for most of the posts and there isn’t a room for creativity anymore. Moreover, I’ve been told that posts like this would hurt my SEO. Do I want to hurt my SEO? Hell, not! Tripsget is my only income these days (someday, I will tell you what happened and why do I need to live on £500 a month in London #challengeaccepted).

Somehow I needed to label myself with a generation to feel a sense of belonging.

I’m 27 and I’m at the stage in my life when I start questioning my choices and I also think that maybe I am the only one struggling. Struggling to find my profession, my “dream job” or start my own business. Struggling to understand, whether I want to quit everything and start travelling around the world like a digital nomad or I want to buy an apartment in London. Sometimes I want these things at the same time.

Whenever I read articles on Medium, Huff Post, Buzzfeed (etc, you’ve got the drill), it seems like my generation, Millennials, has the same issues. We all are uncertain about what we want in life because there are so many life choices. We prefer to spend money on expensive brunches rather than think about the pension. Millennials like experiences, not savings. But we also want to have a safe and secure life. So how can we balance it all?

Millennial Diary London

I started this blog to record my journey to finding myself and finding what truly makes me happy

Maybe you can relate and I can help you somehow as well? Let’s see. On this blog, I will 100% real, honest and sincere. If I had a shitty day or a shitty week, I will definitely write about that, if I feel like that. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to write. I do that sometimes for Tripsget (especially when I signed a contract with deadlines and deliverables).

There will be errors and typos…

English is not my native language and it’s actually my second foreign language. I learned German all my life (and managed to forget it after moving to the UK), so please excuse my grammatical errors, typos and phrases that don’t make sense. They say that reading helps you write better. Well, I’ve been reading 30+ books every year and I’m still not anywhere close to Charles Dickens (lol). That doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to improve. I am and hopefully, in a couple of years, you will see the difference.

My Millennial Diary

What kind of content to expect on Millennial Diary?

I was limiting myself a lot on Tripsget, so here, I don’t want to limit myself at all. If I want to review a new pillow that was a lifesaver for me, I’ll do it. This is just a diary about a Millennial’s life in the UK, isn’t it? At the moment, I have absolutely no idea, what to do with my life, so you will definitely witness my journey to … something 🙂

I initially wanted to call my new blog “my millennial life struggles”, but it’s not all about struggles and problems.

Well, now when I wrote my first post, it’s time to buy a domain, hosting and get the ball rolling. Are you excited? Because I am.