Let the job hunt begin – A Millennial looking for a job in london

This post is about how one Millennial started applying for jobs in London. Oh, this uncertainty! Will she find what she wants?

I went on holiday to south Asia hoping that I will have more clarity on what to do next. Travelling always helps you realise what in the world you like doing. Travelling gives you more clarity about your ambitions.

In my case, in the middle middle of a trip, I realised that I miss London. That didn’t make much sense because at that point I was in Kuala Lumpur and I was genuinely happy. I loved the city and it’s turned out to be way better than I thought. Now I’m even more certain than ever that we will be staying in London for at least a couple of more years, and it totally makes sense to buy a property in London. I don’t know where it will be and how many bedrooms will it have. I would like to have at least two. My perfect home would have a walk-in wardrobe, but it’s hardly imaginable in London, where the flats are miniature. You’d be happy to fit in a double bed inside some bedrooms, not mentioning a wardrobe.

What about my own business?

Also, during the trip, Pepe came up with what it thought was a fabulous idea. I would love to start working on it. See, I haven’t abandoned the idea of starting my own business!

We also have another project on hold that also has good potential and it’s kind of on par with all this environmental vibe that is going on around us (which is amazing, we all need to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable).

Millennial looking for a job in London

What kind of jobs am I applying for?

Once I came back from the trip, I immediately got a call from a recruiter.
While updating my CV, I saw a couple of very interesting positions and I started applying. Fast forward 3 weeks, I’m still applying. The market is insanely tough.

However, one thing I have figured out is what kind of job I want to have in 2020. I would love to be a Marketing Analyst or a Marketing Insights Manager. I know it’s very hard to get one of those jobs especially when you don’t have excellent numerical skills or advanced SQL, R and Python. I don’t – I love data, but I’m not as analytical. Let’s see how it goes and what kind of job can I get.

Love xxx